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This page helps you compare Korea SIM cards, BLUE, ORANGE and RED which are well known as the Best prepaid SIMs in Korea.

Korea SIM Card

Unlimited Data? or 4G LTE Prepaid? What should I buy?

Korea SIM Blue Korea SIM Orange Korea SIM Red
Product Image
Product Option 5 days / 7 days / 10 days /
15 days / 30 days
1 day / 3days / 5 days /
10 days / 20 days / 30 days
1GB / 2GB for 30 days
Description Unlimited Data +
Outgoing Local Calls and Texts
(100min. and 100EA) +
Unlimited Receiving Calls and Texts
Unlimited Data Credit Balance which can be
converted automatically into Data,
Voice and Message
Fair Use
4G LTE 10GB for the period +
Unlimited data at 400Kbps
Each day 1GB 4G Full Speed +
Unlimited data at 5Mbps
No Unlimited data
Price (in US$) 22.9 / 27.9 / 31.9 / 40.3 / 58.9 4.7 / 12 / 20.6 / 27.4 / 48.7 / 51.6 26.9 / 38.9
Mobile Number
(Voice Call)
Korean Mobile Number
(Starting 010)
All receivings for free
Only for pick-up option,
Korean Mobile Number
(Starting 010)
All receivings for free
Korean Mobile Number
(Starting 010)
All receivings for free
Internet Speed World Best Internet Speed
LTE Max. 150Mbps
World Best Internet Speed
LTE Max. 150Mbps
World Best Internet Speed
LTE Max. 150Mbps
Recharge Mobile App.
('WHOMSIM' up to additional 30 days)
Not Available Offline : CVS (7-11, GS25, CU)
Online : (during day time)
* Period not extended
Where to pick up Incheon T1, T2 International Airport Incheon T1, T2, Gimpo, Gimhae, Daegu
and Jeju International Airport
and Incheon Harbor T1, Busan Harbor
Incheon T1, T2, Gimpo and
Gimhae International Airport
Availability Whoever
(Koreans and Foreigners)
Whoever With Foreigner Passport Only
Activation Online :
24/7 activation
No need to activate Online :

Unlimited Data & 4G LTE Prepaid Sim Card, Indispensible to South Korea Trip

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